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In-person or virtual live trainings for teams, customizable to your organization’s needs. I cover Data Engineering, Application Development, and Data Analysis in active, hands-on workshops.

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Taylor helps Palantir customers & partners get more out of Foundry

During the five years I worked for Palantir, I deployed Foundry to commercial and government customers across a wide range of industries — including healthcare, transportation, media, finance, and manufacturing.

What people have to say

Taylor is someone I regularly turn to when thinking about the future of Foundry. His Foundry expertise is unparalleled, and his ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to both engineers and non-experts is truly unique. This combination makes him a particularly credible source for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Peter Wilczynski

Peter Wilczynski

Product Manager - Ontology Systems, Palantir

Taylor and I worked side-by-side at Palantir, where Fortune 500 C-suite clients trusted him to explain how Foundry works. He was adept at explaining complicated technical concepts in ways that a layperson could understand. His full-stack expertise is invaluable for anyone looking to become more skilled in using Foundry!

Ashlyn Gentry Yue

Ashlyn Gentry Yue

Operating Partner, Thinktiv