Application Developer

Make applications using Foundry’s ontology, APIs, and no/low-code app builders.


The Application Developer Bootcamp will get your team prepared to start making applications using Foundry’s ontology. Over 3 fast-paced days we equip your team with the knowledge to contribute to your organization’s ontology, build Foundry-native applications with Workshop and Slate, and create and leverage new OntologyAPI endpoints for use in apps that are deployed outside Foundry.

By the end of the bootcamp, your team will be ready to:

  • Create new Object, Links, and Actions in your ontology
  • Use Foundry’s application-builders Workshop and Slate to make easy-to-deploy custom apps in Foundry
  • Understand how to leverage application interoperability throughout Foundry
  • Manage the application security and that of the data produced by these applications
  • Create new API endpoints that can be used in apps deployed to your organization’s cloud provider of choice

Hands-on exercises

Throughout the bootcamp, attendees will have plenty of chances to practice what they learn. We schedule time for Q&A and discussions that can address your organization’s specific needs and circumstances.

Who is it for?

This bootcamp is for app developers who need to make operational or workflow applications on Foundry. Attendees should be familiar with JavaScript/TypeScript and APIs.

This bootcamp can be tailored to groups that do not have coding experience, or who want to focus on Foundry’s point-and-click app building capabilities. We are also happy to offer extended bootcamps if your team prefers more detailed instructions on any topic.

Your organization must be a current Palantir customer as trainings will take place on your Foundry stack.

What does it cover?

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Meet your teacher

Taylor helps Palantir customers & partners get more out of Foundry

Previously, Taylor worked at Palantir deploying Foundry to commercial and government customers around the world. His experience includes working with customers in healthcare, transportation, media, finance, and manufacturing.