Application Development with Foundry

Learn to build production-ready pipelines according to data engineering best practices, without needing to know how to code.

Data pipelines are the foundation of every Foundry deployment.

Without clean data protected by strong security rules, operational and analytical workflows simply aren’t possible. Your ontology depends on well-built data pipelines that don’t falter under the strain of massive data scale or demanding real-time latency requirements.

In this course, I teach you how to develop, deploy, and maintain production-grade data pipelines with Foundry’s Pipeline Builder application.

Pipeline Builder opens the world of data engineering to people who don’t know how to code. Nonetheless, it still takes skill to build a good data pipeline. This means learning core data engineering concepts. It also means learning to use Pipeline Builder not alone, but in concert with Foundry’s other data engineering applications: Data Lineage, Data Health, and Scheduler, among others.

If you’ve never done data engineering before, this course will teach you the concepts and skills required to use Pipeline Builder correctly — so you can build pipelines your data engineering team would be proud to call their own.

If you’re a data engineer, you’ll learn how to use Pipeline Builder as a complement to the code-based tools you’re already familiar with. It will save you time on day-to-day workflows and make it easier to collaborate with subject matter experts who need to sign off on pipeline logic.



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Launching Fall 2023

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Taylor helps Palantir customers & partners get more out of Foundry

Previously, Taylor worked at Palantir deploying Foundry to commercial and government customers around the world. His experience includes working with customers in healthcare, transportation, media, finance, and manufacturing.